If the world is divided into the categories of male and female… than, what is in middle? evǝ tells about the many ways of interpreting and living gender. 

Performed by non-binary, transgender and cisgender actors, while vibrantly defying centuries-old sexist culture, this play is written by English playwright Jo Clifford and re-interpreted by director and head of the Italian theatre center Teatri di Vita Andrea Adriatico.

This story goes beyond the story known to everyone, the story of how God created Adam and Eve, first the male, and then the female, as an afterthought. Two distinctive genders with separate destinies. Through this tale, what is clear is that there is something missing, something that has been overlooked throughout human history: the “in between”, something happening in the middle, other than male and female. The protagonist, now more than ever, needs to tell the spectators - men, women and all of those who are in between, or those who are a little bit of this and a little bit of that - her story, her quest to self-determination. 

And that is a story not everyone knows yet. 

The show is written by Jo Clifford, Edinburgh based playwright and performer, proud transwoman and revolutionary author. Her work is reflected by theatre and film director, journalist and architect Andrea Adriatico, founder of Teatri di Vita in Bologna and author of internationally acclaimed LGBT movies and documentaries (+o- il sesso confuso, about the 80’s AIDS crisis; Gli Anni Amari, story of Italian queer activist Mario Mieli).

On scene, Eva Robin’s, renowned Italian trans actress, true icon of theatre and cinema, together with New York based drag queen Julie J and actress and co-founder of Teatri di Vita Patrizia Bernardi. Together with them, young talents such as actor, singer and drag performer Saverio Peschechera, Palestinian actor Anas Arqawi and Met Decay, dancer, performer and make-up artist. A theatre company defying all existing gender norms.

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