Two days music event curated by Amirhossein Mashaherifard
tak – Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg  I  May 17 & 18, 2024

17.05. | tak theater Berlin

20:00 | Dictaphone
Oliver Doerell: electronics
Roger Döring: saxophone, clarinet
Helga Raimondi: voice

21:10 | Narr//Steidle
Steffi Narr: guitar, electronics
Oliver Steidle: drums, percussion, electronics


20:00 | Quartet Diminished
Ehsan Sadigh: guitar
Soheil Peyghambari: woodwinds
Mazyar Younesi: piano, voice
Rouzbeh Fadavi: drums

21:10 | Embryo
Marja Burchard: vibraphone, rhodes, organ, santur, vocal, trombone
Jakob Thun: drums
Maasl Maier: bass, saxophone, flute
Jan Weissenfeldt: guitar
Plus Special Guests

Within the dynamic tapestry of Germany's jazz and improvisational music scene, there exists a distinct voice, an ever-evolving essence that captures the spirit of contemporary experimentation. MOSAIC serves as a canvas, framing and contextualizing this unique voice, ensuring its accessibility to a wider audience.

Adding an idiosyncratic touch between XJazz Festival and Jazzwoche, MOSAIC acts as a kaleidoscope of genres and sub-genres mainly focusing on experimental music, ranging from the tranquil melodies of ambient Electro-Acoustic Jazz to improvised experimental music, Krautrock and Progressive Jazz.

First to name of the 2024 line-up is Embryo, the legendary heralds and ambassadors of Krautrock, who since 2016 are led by the grandmaster’s daughter Marja Burchard. Next, there is Belgian-German trio Dictaphone, praised for their melancholic, mysterious and minimalist Electro Jazz since their 2002 debut album “M. = Addiction”. More genre bending music bring Canadian-Iranian band project Quartet Diminished with their amazing amalgamation of 1970s Art Rock, Ethnic Ritual Music, 20th century Avantgarde and Contemporary Jazz. MOSAIC finally witnesses the emergence of Berlin-Leipzig Experimental Jazz duo Narr//Steidle. With 2022 German Jazz Award winner and festival legend  Oliver Steidle on drums and Steffi Narr on guitar, they catch their audience with a growly, improvisational style at its most concise and dynamic.

MOSAIC is not just a music festival. It is a celebration of creativity, and a journey into uncharted sonic territories. Each performance, a piece of a grand mosaic, contributes to a larger image—an image that encapsulates the ethos and character of MOSAIC’s gatherings. For the audience, it may work like a double live album of unique and genre-bending voices of independent Jazz music.

Curator Amirhossein Moshaherifard is a multi-talented artist and music enthusiast originally from Iran. Before studying scenic research at Ruhr University Bochum, he worked as theatre director in Tehran. Besides playing an active part in the performative arts scene, he works as organiser and curator for music events, with a main focus on experimental jazz music.


  • €18 (Single-Day)/€32 (2-Day Ticket) + Gebühren/Fees
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