How to make a tank disappear

Premiere - im Rahmen der tak-Residenzreihe FIRST ART ELSEWHERE


English, Romani, Ukrainian with English subtitles

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, in one village, a story took place that spread around the world. Even the Polish president tweeted about it. Local Roma people stole a Russian tank. One fine day, one high-tech combat vehicle became less without a single shot. There was a tank, and it swam away. Later a lot of things that shoot, explode, and kill disappeared additionally- mortars, cannons, rockets etc. In that cases not only the Romani but also other peoples inhabiting Ukraine have tried. In the performance we will show you how it happened and why Romani was not punished at all. Even vice versa. After you yourself will decide whether this is a documentary performance or just a comedy.

Script and directing Mykola Homanyuk
With  Mykola Homanyuk Janush Panchenko Kateryna Homaniuk


  • €15/€10
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