von und mit / by and with Youness Atbane


Dies ist die Berlin Premiere von “The second copy: 2045“ - eine Solo-Performance von und mit Youness Atbane, die auf der Reflexion über die Kunstwelt basiert und den Arbeitsprozess darin zum Gegenstand seiner Forschung macht. Sie untersucht auf verschiedenen Ebenen Begriffe der künstlerischen Disziplinen, der Codes des Bühnenraums und der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung. Wir zeigen sie in englischer Sprache.

This work is a tissue which is going to become a flag which is going to become art, then a dynamic, an identity, a policy, a film, a choreography and finally a history. It is a man who will become two men to mutate into a fictional character, developing into a documentary and transforming into a way of perception.

“The second copy: 2045” is a performance based on the reflection on the art world and work process, as the subject of exploration. It looks into the concept of disciplines, codes of stage space and public perception on different levels. In this project, the artist enters a world of propaganda, his actions create a texture in which the language, movement and images are not any more trapped in a logic of sense, but are able to exchange and interact together so they build a fake archive that produce a fictional past. The aim is to transport the audience into a space of ambiguity and probability between realism and fiction, lost in references and without linear narrative.

“The Second Copy: 2045” was premiered 2015 in Casablanca and is running in numerous international Festivals since then, among them several times in Marokko, in San Franzisko, Paris, Köln, Edinburgh, London, Kairo, Luxemburg, Amsterdam und New York.

Concept, Performance Youness Atbane Assistant Aziz Nadif 
Light and Sound Zouheir Atbane / Kamal Adissa 

Supported by Headland center for the Arts, Institut Francais Maroc, L’ecole de literature.

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