Invent(-)r/(y) [Peca]

Party Performance


Gäste im tak:

Playwright Peca Stefan, actor Laurențiu Bănescu and 20 guest-spectators engage in a party-performance journeying through 20 titles from Peca’s play catalog spanning the past 20 years, celebrating two decades of Peca’s writing.

Bus stations without any buses. Giant pipes with mutant worms. The “God” Cereals. Killer penguins. Joints on rooftops. Nils’ fucked up days. The Jerks & Emerson Show. Frank Zappa & Bebe. Lama’s Laboratory. Daughter of the Sun & Son of The Moon. Bucharest Calling. Acrobats. Kangaroos. Multiple time travels and parallel universes. Punamis and NonPunamis. Magic Tricks. Colombia bound clowns. The Green Hours site-specific series. The Play on the Spot. Plus some wild cards too.

Concept, texts and music by Peca Ștefan with additional text by Laurențiu Bănescu /  Performed by Laurențiu Bănescu and Peca Ștefan / Set by Amandine Bănescu

Peca Ștefan is the winner of the Heidelberger Stückemarkt Innovationspreis ’07 and one of the featured playwrights of the Berliner Theatertreffen Stückemarkt ‘10 and ‘13. Laurențiu Bănescu plays the lead in Nae Caranfil’s feature “6.9 Richter” (2017) and can also be seen in HBO Romania’s series „Umbre“ (Shadows) (2018).

A co-production of tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Compania BLA and Teatrul LUNI de la Green Hours/MONDAY Theatre @ Green Hours, Bucharest


Der rumänische Theaterautor Peca Ștefan und der Schauspieler Laurențiu Bănescu erzählen 20 Zuschauern Pecas 20 Stücke der letzten 20 Jahre in einer party performance, um sie gemeinsam zu katalogisieren.

Die Geschichten drehen sich um Busstationen ohne Busse, gigantische Rohre mit mutantischen Würmern, Cornflakes "Gott", Killerpinguine, Nils verfickte Tage, die Jerks & Emerson Show, Frank Zappa & Bebe, Lamas Labor, die Tochter der Sonne und der Sohn des Mondes, Bucharest Calling, Drahtseilakrobaten, Kangoroos, Zeitreisende und Paralleluniversen, Punami & Nonpunami, Magische Tricks, nach Kolumbien auswandern wollende Clowns, die green Hours site specific Serie und wild cards.

Konzept & Musik: Peca Ștefan, Text: Peca Ștefan &  Laurențiu Bănescu, Mit: Peca Ștefan & Laurențiu Bănescu, Ausstattung: Amandine Bănescu.

Peca Ștefan war Gewinner des Heidelberger Stückemarkt Innovationspreis ’07 und nominiert für das Berliner Theatertreffen Stückemarkts 10',13'. Laurențiu Bănescu spielte unter anderem in "6.9 Richter", und in der HBO Romania Serie „Umbre“ (2018).


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