From Home to Home


Documentary Theater Public Performance “From Home to Home”: We aim to transfer the knowledge of how today’s generations experience the trauma of the war in order to raise societies’ awareness and influence decision-making processes. The performance is the first attempt to document and preserve the memory of the historical event taking place in Ukraine today, based on the testimonies of various female Roma and (pro-)Roma representatives.

"From Home to Home" is the unique socio-political project that actualize and popularize a collective knowledge on how different communities in Ukraine experience living during the war that started on 24 February due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the Ukrainian territories. The aim of the project is to make the abroad society be aware of the context of everyday life of the Ukrainian communities during the war and to have an impact on decision-making apparat in European Union and above.

The project is the first attempt of documenting and preserving the memory of the historical event that happening nowadays in Ukraine, and transferring the knowledge via contemporary medium of documentary theater play. The knowledge of how nowadays generations experience trauma, what difficulties they encountered and how they are overcoming them. The collection of the various females’ testimonies, where representatives of the different ethnicities and backgrounds come together to share their own experience having a traumatic influence from the war on their lives, became a base for the narrative part of the theater play. The documentary theater play also shows the complexity and diversity of the Ukrainian society, in where Roma community is the integral part of it.

In particular, while displaying the experience of the Roma “survivors”, their identity becomes fluid and without boundaries, which gives a new dimension to work with the phenomena of xenophobia and romophobia in the present conditions of exacerbation of manifestations of ethnic based discrimination that will help in the process of finding qualitatively new forms and methods of combating them.